Triple Step Dance 2020 Winter Recital Video Footage

Complete all fields in the form below to order your Triple Step Dance 2020 Recital (1/24/2020) video footage on blu-ray or thumb drive. Use the links below to order optional blu-ray or thumb drives of the winter recital footage to complement the digital download copies you received from your studio director via email.

Video footage of the entire recital is included on both the thumb drive and blu-ray Discs in 1080P HD quality. Select one of the two links below to complete your purchase. Each link will direct you to a purchase form. After completing¬†all required fields click “submit”. You will be redirected to PayPal to complete your purchase (prices listed below). All orders will be shipped to you at the address you provide or your PayPal address.

Prices below do not include sales tax: 

Blu-Ray Disc Add On $8

The blu-ray disc will contain all dances from the recital. A good option for those who would like to share or watch the footage on a television and blu-ray player instead of a computer or phone. (These will only play on blu-ray players and will not play on DVD players)

Thumb Drive Add On $10

The thumb drive will contain all dances from the recital. A good option for someone with slow internet speeds or limited internet access.

If you have any questions about the recital footage or wish to purchase additional Blu-Ray or Thumb Drive copies, please reach out to Good Samaritan Photography directly at 801-477-6486 or via e-mail at