Our Business:

  • The journey began when our daughter began competing in gymnastics, and we realized we needed a good way to capture and preserve these precious moments in time. 
  • Eventually, our passion and hobby of capturing video of our gymnast evolved into filming the meets for the entire team, sharing with the other gym parents and caregivers the precious moments of their gymnasts as well. This began to allow more time for everyone at the meets to enjoy simply watching their gymnasts compete instead of viewing the meet through a lens. 
  • Our passion evolved into an expansion of our services offered to more than just our daughter’s gymnastics team, to assist other parents and caregivers with preserving their most precious memories and moments.

Our Passion:

  • Gymnasts, parents, and caregivers, pour large amounts of money, time and hard work each year into gymnastics training, attire, meet fees, hotels for meets and competition gear. Memories of these moments can be fleeting. Our aim is to capture these precious moments, not only during competitions, but also during regular training at the gym to archive these memories forever; allowing you to be present during the meets, and be reminded of them through time.